Hugo's Promise

Here you are family.

Our namesake and founder, Hugo Miranda, believes in bringing communal dining back to its roots, when guests were welcomed as family, and every meal was worth celebrating.

Our menu is influenced by Mexico and inspired by our guests: authentic, organic, and true. Everything is made from scratch using all-natural, fresh, and nutritious ingredients.

We believe great experiences begin with impeccable service, and our entire staff take pride in your satisfaction. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

As the saying goes, mi casa es su casa. It will be our pleasure to serve you soon.

That's Hugo's Invitados

Hugo Miranda

Founder, Owner/Operator

Hugo Miranda brings over two decades experience in restaurant development, operations, and management to a new concept, the culmination of his passions and desires for what a restaurant should be, a restaurant for the guest: Hugo’s Invitados.


Born in Monterrey, Mexico, Hugo moved to Dallas over 21 years ago, and has been fortunate to work for and collaborate with numerous great restaurateurs: Mico Rodriguez and Chef Chris Ward at Mercury Grill and Mi Cocina, Tristan Simon at the Porch and Hibiscus, Stephan Pyles and George Majdalani at Stephan Pyles, and Mike Karns with Firebird Restaurant Group, where he spent five years as Director of Emerging Brands.


While with Firebird Restaurant Group, Hugo put his very hands-on approach to work while developing, hiring, training, opening, and operating six Meso Maya locations, three Taqueria La Ventanas, and two TorTaco concepts over the course of five years.


Having gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding of both operations and people, Hugo set out to bring dining back to the people, where delicious food is made fresh and great service is the standard, where smiles are infections, and your satisfaction is our joy.


Hugo’s passions are for people, hospitality, and service, and those passions are contagious; the staff, the guests, the valets, everyone knows Hugo, because he himself personally gets to know everyone else. As his wife and two kids can attest, Hugo has never met a stranger, only friends he hopes to get to know better.


From the build out and staff, to the design of the tables and the fruit in a cocktail, Hugo’s touch is evident in every way, large and small. You may not even notice some of the subtle differences that make Hugo’s Invitados so unique, and that’s intentional; Hugo wants nothing more than for you to enjoy yourself, feel satisfied, and be as comfortable here as you are at home.


This is place where every visitor is seen not as a customer, but a welcomed guest. The name is inspired by that belief: Hugo’s Invitados means Hugo’s Guest. A place where your every occasion is worth celebrating.

natalio charles

Head Chef

The man behind the flavors, our Head Chef and culinary creator, Natalio Charles.


Born in San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Natalio has lived and worked in the Dallas restaurant industry for 21 years and counting, including Sambuca in Addison with Chef Peter Nolasco, Sambuca Uptown with Chef Fritz Montgomery, Lombardi Mare with Chef Ricardo Labor, Chef Tom Fleming, and Chef Tiny Night, City Cafe with owner Karim Alaoui and Chef John Lafone, Nosh with Chef Avner Samuel, Chef John Stevens, and Chef Andrew Bell, Meso Maya as Chef du Cuisine with Chef Nico Sanchez, and at Josè, where Natalio served as Executive Chef and created the full menu.


When he's not hard at work at Hugo's, Natalio spends much of his time with his beautiful family, his wife Nancy and three children, Kevin, Nathan, and Kacy.


Here at Hugo’s, Natalio was involved from the very beginning, collaborating with Hugo Miranda in crafting a unique culinary experience unlike anything else in the region. Using his more than two decades of kitchen experience, Natalio’s culinary creativity comes alive in expressive flavors, colorful presentation, and inventive preparations of each and every dish and drink.


Our Mexican-influenced cuisine and cocktails are made by hand in-house using only the most delicious and organic ingredients as chosen by Natalio. Our chips and tortillas are baked fresh, never fried, we fresh-squeeze and fresh-press all of our juices, and our menu is accommodating of all dietary choices. This is truly good food that's good for you.


With a tireless work ethic and an uncompromising devotion to quality and taste, Natalio Charles has brought Hugo's passion for people and service to life in every order. The joy of your satisfaction means everything, and we encourage you to explore more of the delicious, wholesome, and original menu items Natalio has created for you, our guests.


Oh, and don't forget to ask about the chef specials, as Natalio is always crafting something sumptuously new for you to try!

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